There’s a difference between starting a blog that has a goal of making you money… and starting a blog about your online marketing journey.
The former involves delivering content that is of value in the marketplace, ranking for keywords, driving traffic, building a list and generating income through affiliate sales, advertising or other means. The process requires a more clinical approach.
Blogging about your marketing journey is a more personal experience. It will be about what you feel and go through during the process. The ups and downs, the highs and lows, successes and failures…
Your blog will have it all. The blog about your marketing journey has several benefits. Let’s look at a few.

  • Makes you a better writer
    For starters, it will make you a better writer. This is a very useful skill to have. The internet is all about content. Written content, graphic content, video content and so on.
    Being a good writer is a very useful skill to have and it will impact your marketing immensely. The more you blog, the faster you’ll get at writing and the better your writing will get.
  • Helps give you focus
    When you have a marketing ‘journal blog’, you’ll be forced to stay focused on one business model at a time. For example, if you’re doing kindle publishing (KDP), you’ll be forced to focus on publishing books on Amazon and increasing your sales.
    Since your blog is about your marketing journey, you’ll be detailing what your goal is. Once you’ve stated that you wish to make 5 figures a month from KDP, you’ll be blogging about what you’re going to do to reach your goal and so on.
    The chances of you suddenly jumping into ecommerce that’s totally unrelated to your goal will be much lower because it doesn’t gel with your plan. All your previous blog posts will be left ‘hanging’ and now you’ll need to blog all over again about a new venture.
    Just the thought of this alone will deter most marketers from developing shiny object syndrome and running from one project to another.
  • Is a form of stress relief
    There’s no denying the fact that building a business online can be a tiring and burdensome process. You’ll have to go through a learning curve and master the fundamentals.
    A lot of testing and tweaking will need to be done. Things that you thought would work, may fail miserably… and what you thought was a lost cause might turn out to be a success.
    This rollercoaster of emotions can be stressful. Your blog will serve as a form of stress relief. You’ll feel better when you type out your doubts and failures. Your thoughts when seen on a screen might give you insights into other possible ideas.
    A blog helps to bring about mental clarity. It’s easier to make sense of what’s on a screen than the constant jumble of thoughts in your head.
    These are just some of the benefits of starting a blog about your online business. You may choose to monetize it in future and use the blog as a case study of your business, or you may choose to keep it private and use it as a tool to organize your business.
    The choice is ultimately yours.

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