Every single day, thousands of people get on the internet with hopes and dreams of making some money online. Some hope for a few hundred dollars to help make ends meet more easily, while others hope to earn a 5 or 6 figure monthly income that will give them all the freedom they need.
Both ambitions are fine, regardless of scale… but the unfortunate truth is that most of these people will fail. They’ll end up spending money and never see a cent in return.

  • Why you should blog
    If you decide to be an online marketer, starting a blog that details your online marketing journey could be one of the best things you do. There are many different online business models that work.
    You could be an affiliate marketer, or a niche site owner or do ecommerce or even publish books on Kindle publishing. Whichever method you choose, there will be a learning curve.
    You’ll need to detail what you’ve learned and what steps you’re going to take on your blog. The blog will serve as a road map for you and whatever you do will be noted down for easy reference.
  • Accountability
    Besides just serving as a point of reference, the blog will hold you accountable to your marketing. Are you giving your business the attention it needs? Do you lack focus? Are you running around like a headless chicken from one project to another without any real goal in mind?
    If your blog looks messy and disorganized, chances are that your online business is too. So, shore your efforts and be focused on one project until it yields results.
  • Empowerment and confidence
    When you’re blogging about your online marketing journey, you’ll feel a sense of purpose and empowerment. It’s very easy to let the daily humdrum of life and all its many tasks make you forget what you’re actually trying to achieve.
    The blog will remind you of why you decided to become an online marketer. During times when you’re down and not seeing any results, blogging about how you feel can be a form of stress relief.
    If you carry on blogging daily, not only will you be developing the habit of consistency, but you’ll also be developing self-belief. After all, you wouldn’t keep blogging about your online marketing efforts if you didn’t expect to succeed now, would you?
    Exactly. The blog may seem like an inanimate web asset… but it’s a tool to empower you and instill confidence in your when you’re going through the hard yards.
  • Case Study
    At the end of the day, once you succeed in your venture and start making money online, your blog will actually serve as a case study to others who wish to achieve similar results as you.
    If you share your blog, you’ll inspire other fledgling marketers and they’ll look at you as an authority figure and a role model who made it through and reached the goal that they’re all coveting – a regular online income.
    Your blog will give you credibility and a following. Whether you decide to monetize it and become a coach, or sell your own products in future is up to you.
    The blog will open up opportunities for you that you never thought of before. Start building one today.

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